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We create from experience: By fostering collaborative efforts, STREAM drives systemic change to provide early career access for under-resourced and underestimated communities.


We refuel educators through innovative workshops created to gain perspective, evaluate career-based learning in the classroom, and dispel myths about interaction with students.

While there, educators gain a clear understanding of industry demands, explore new education strategies, and develop industry relationships to help guide students from the classroom to career.


We support businesses by helping them fulfill their corporate responsibility and community engagement efforts. We do this by first listening to their business needs, and then we provide opportunities in a variety of ways to grow exposure in underresourced yet high-potential NextGEN communities.

Through participation in interactive career exhibitions, networking, and special events, corporations have found STREAM’s innovative approach as a roadmap for improved employee engagement and a solution for future workforce needs.


We connect the dots between education and career for underresourced yet high-potential communities. We do this by evaluating industry gaps globally and then we create transformative learning spaces for NextGEN and industry to collaborate and own possibilities. Our experiences are designed for upstream movement, inspiring students to think about their thinking during exploration, ask questions to discover something new, steward the access they’ve been provided, and build foundational skills that they can take forward into a career path of their choice.


By participating in our interactive career exhibitions and diverse workforce readiness workshops throughout the year, NextGEN learns from some of the world’s top thought leaders in Industry. We also share work experience opportunities and best practices for parents to understand and navigate their students’ school-based Career Education programs.

All things STREAM.

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STREAM creates learning environments that serve the students, educators, and industry leaders to address the key barriers prohibiting early career access in underestimated communities. 

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