Ways to Give

STREAM is a mission-focused 501(c)3 organization. We define our growth as scaling impact rather than scaling footprint and believe the economic success of NextGen workers is  worth investment and time.


STREAM surrounds itself with companies and community members who complement our mission of pacing for the long-haul, growing together, and bringing meaningful solutions to underexposed and estimated communities  Pick the STREAM Path that works for you.


Every dollar collected keeps services free for kids in underestimated and far too often overlooked communities. Join the movement by investing in a UP and FLOWING generation.


Join the flow, as we disrupt systems preparing students for jobs that won't exist. At STREAM, we adopt technology early and expose communities to things they would have not otherwise experienced.


By partnering with resources in the communities we serve, students have an ability to STREAM year-round. Throw a R.O.C.K. by joining a community of resource advisors, outreach ambassadors, coaches, and knowledge bank thinkers.

Upstream measurements

Similar to stagnant water, a mind that is trapped or sits idle for hours/days can eventually accumulate harmful behaviors. STREAM puts its mission in motion, by focusing on prevention before problems occur. Help us build the skills needed for tomorrow's success.  Join the flow.