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Under the Stream

STREAM Turns 7 Invitation (1).png

December 1, 2022 at 6PM

Hyatt Regency Valencia

STREAM Turns 7 Invitation (1).png

About the

The constant flow of movement, our foundation, the opening between every crevasse, at its core, this is our STREAM. A beautiful capture on the outside built because of the rocks we see as individuals, communities, educators, and students looking to pave the way for the next generation of leaders.  


Since 2015, STREAM has been putting its mission in motion by ensuring students have equal access to growing, equitable, sustainable, and resilient academic and workforce-collaborated experiences.


This is what we celebrate: the progress, the constant ripple, those that lead from behind, from under, those that invest with the possibility of not seeing the return in their lifetime but understanding they’ve helped to develop a legacy not just for those in STREAM industries but for the future leaders in our society. 


This year’s theme is titled Under the STREAM, inspired by all the individuals, entities, and organizations that have had an integral role in bringing STREAM to life. STREAM Turns 8 helps launch a new chapter, the beginning of a new season, and a constant flow with the donation of time, talent, treasure, and technology. Having successfully served over 33,000 people this far through interactive exhibitions, industry expert exposure, virtual activations, and peer support in addition to having impacted over 100 million globally through publication.


We will celebrate those that came before, those that are walking alongside, and those on the way for their role and ripple in this constant STREAM, an experience that is not only memorable but life-changing.


When you invest in STREAM, your gift’s impact is far-reaching, affecting the lives of students and educators across the globe. STREAM is a mission-focused 501(c)3 organization. We define our growth as scaling impact rather than scaling footprint and believe the economic success of NextGen workers is worth the investment and time.


STREAM surrounds itself with companies and community members who complement our mission of pacing for the long haul, growing together, and bringing meaningful solutions to underexposed and estimated communities. Pick the STREAM Path that works for you.

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Our 2022

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STREAM for the

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This Holiday Season, we've partnered with California Highway Patrol to distribute gifts for deserving families in December for the Holidays. Bring an unwrapped toy as we help spread Holiday joy this season. 


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