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STREAM Launched in TEXAS!

After semesters of online learning, STREAM Global brought partners to join them in a new city officially launching STREAM Texas on May 13th to help connect the dots between education and career in low-income communities through our signature giveback event.

In partnership with PPG our team went to Sam Rayburn Elementary STEAM Academy, which is a PreK through fifth grade Title 1 school, focusing on the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. In this one-day, pop-up event, students explored the “M” in STREAM and engaged in the manufacturing process.

We provided a hands-on learning experience intended to foster each student’s innate curiosity and the joy of discovery. Students used critical thinking skills to design, develop, create, and solve an engineering problem. Students got to learn about professions within the STREAM industry and met community experts. Our team provided bags filled with DIY activities and supplies for every student to do over their summer break to engage in learning beyond the classroom.

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