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Niamani Knight + Nikia Richards

Education Advocates, Co-Founders

Niamani Knight and Nikia Richards are the mother/daughter duo behind STREAM. Founded originally as a community expo by Nimaani at the young age of 13, the duo quickly realized their message of equal access to education and career could make a greater impact when working together. Niamani and Nikia now travel the country advocating for student and parent success while preparing students for education + career opportunities. 

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Niamani Knight

Board Chair
Teen Founder + Education Advocate

Marsha Mosley

Board Secretary 


Leon Hines

Board Treasurer 

California Highway Patrol

Faye Neshiewat


VP, California Bank + Trust

Nikia Richards


SGI President + Parent Advocate

Quan Gan


Entrepreneur, Gantom Lighting + Controls

Kim Carhee


Senior VP, Heritage Bank

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