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2021 is the year we scale, and STREAM needs YOUR help so we can get our youth back on track with their future!


About the Campaign:

In 2020, countless students lacked fundamental resources for remote learning, such as a computer, internet, and a home study environment. They need our help to get them back on track as schools reopen for in-person learning. STREAM is re-engaging these students with their future by producing hands-on industry expos, hosting career skill fellowships, and connecting students to industry mentors.


We believe early inspiration is the most effective and efficient way to increase a student's chance of success; by providing industry exposure to a student early on in their academic path, STREAM inspires each student with purpose and direction. 2021 is the year we scale and STREAM needs YOUR help so we can get our youth back on track with their future!

The STREAM Value:

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  • We are committed to the success of students and communities in need globally. By valuing diverse ideas and people, we use imagination + innovation to foster creativity that challenges barriers.

  • Our five core values: diverse ideas, diverse people, imagination, innovation, and creativity incumbent the water needed to move the STREAM. Although tested by rocks along the way, they flow together to display an innovative education space for future industry leaders to flourish. 

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"Absolutely love what this organization does! Despite being a panelist myself, the other panelists and the STREAM staff I got to I meet are inspiring and I feel like I learned a lot! Students are capable of entering the world of Engineering and Manufacturing by understanding what they can learn from reliable opportunities/resources that there are available. I am a witness that this organization advocates helping students and educators to utilize these resources in order to achieve dreams. I had a wonderful experience being a panelist for the Passing the Torch: Next Gen Panel. Thank you so much!"

- Judith Bravo, Student + Next Gen Panelist

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"I have an even broader exposure to how diverse the STREAM world is. Most of the time Art is not a showcase in the conversation of the STREAM, STEAM, STEM, but it was here. I am reminded of how vast the world of STREAM is. Now an international platform has the opportunity to have the same experience."

- Leon Hines, STREAM Board Member