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Tri-Cities Takeover Experience (1).png

Accessing STREAMWorld

Instructions for downloading/installing the iSTREWAMWorld powered by Virbela are available in your email.

Download and install the STREAMWorld application (available for PC or Mac). Important: This is NOT the same as the Virbela Open Campus application.

Launch the STREAMWorld application and create an account Please note that it may take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes for the application to download the required software updates/patches and other files.

StreamWorld Experience Services

The Virbela platform was selected by STREAM for its ease-of-use, scalability (easily up to 2,000 concurrent visitors possible!), and the capabilities for collaboration on a shared geography. No "Zoom Fatigue" and great, situated sense of virtual embodiment for "being there" with colleagues and friends! It’s also a great foundation and framework for our explorations and showcasing activities across The Metaverse! Our goal is to share our knowledge and make virtual and hybrid experiences & conferences enjoyable, social experiences for everyone. Our Virtual Campus Experience team is here to help make that a reality for your community event. We can provide hands-on support for designing, coordinating, and engaging attendees at your conference.

Event hosting on the virtual campus can range from small one-time groups meeting (e.g. student clubs, single class sessions, departmental meetings) to full use of STREAMWorld for a large multi-day event with simultaneous sessions, social networking sessions, games, poster or sponsor booths in the Expo Hall, keynote speakers, breakout sessions, and dances with live DJ's or social events on the beach.

Pricing is, thus, dependent on the number of guests, the number of days, the number of spaces, and the degree of training you and your staff might need to ensure that the virtual campus event is a success. Interested in an event?

Put it a form and we'll provide you a quote!

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In-Kind Sponsorship

  • In-kind Donation (i.e. Food, Door Prizes, etc.)

  • Appearance Services (Performances, City Officials Meet & Greet, Celebrities)

  • Volunteers (Day of Services)

Tri-Cities Takeover Experience (1).png
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